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What is new in V3?

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Let the team speak


The new V3 release is out in the wild and already available to the public. There are many new features and functions crammed into a single version update but instead of creating a cheesy marketing write-up or showing a huge fact sheet comparing the versions, we thought that we would let the team pick their personal top favorite things, the ones that are closest to their hearts because the whole release was a well-orchestrated team effort requiring dedication from all of the team members.


Zoli – UI/UX design

“When creating a new user interface, especially with so many new features getting introduced in one batch, it is extremely important to put special attention into keeping the software simple to use and intuitive and I feel that we could achieve that. My other favorite aspect was the Live Chat, its dedicated menu and all the related UI elements. You can see if a customer is waiting for your reply as a first thing when you log in, you can see a breakdown by the channels you have and the navigation is quick and easy. I like the usability of the new the best.”


Andris – COO

“I am filling in the account management role for some of our largest clients and they always have really great development ideas and everyday requests. It is extremely cool that we could incorporate more of those “user ideas” than ever before. We spent dedicated time to sit together and listen to their needs, which is really important. For example, you can copy and reuse now your previous chat broadcasts, which seems like a minor thing but it made the particular client requesting it so happy. They use it every single day ever since then. It was also crucial for me to provide a seamless transition to the new version for my accounts. The very first broadcast from the new version went out to 120 000 followers, in less than 5 hours after the new version was published, which is always risky but it just went like a charm. ”


Norbi – Lead Front-end Developer

“One of my main tasks for the new version was to create the webchat module. It evolved over time and in its current state, I think it is a really neat design and has a unique functionality. I am really happy that we could find a way to enable full customization and branding. There are endless possibilities this way and I am curious what the users will build with it. There is also a seemingly minor addition that we included at the very end of the webchat development phase but it ended up being one of my favorites. Our users can choose from a chat bubble style appearance and the full screen mode of the chat on the admin interface with a simple flick of a switch. I don’t think there are a lot of other tools doing that and it is just really neat.”


Dani – CTO

“For me, one of the most difficult challenges was to be able to provide accurate data for the new statistics, collect them from all the different channels and platforms we work on and display them on an easy but still meaningful way. I always felt that the Dasboard in the previous iterations wasn’t really up to its full potential, I always had plans to do a lot more with it. However, we knew that it would require an enormous effort and that it will be difficult to build it without slowing the system down with the continuous data queries but we found a really great technical solution at the end. We could also make it future proof so the system is ready for all the (secret) plans ahead. So, my favorite thing is definitely the Dashboard now. I mean just look at it, it just feels great.”


Tamas – Product Manager

“My favorite things are all the unique ideas that we could come up with. They seems so obvious now but the concept of them just did not exist before. For example, combining all the benefits of the webchat for signing users up, with the simplicity and open rate of the users favorite instant messaging app, be that Messenger, Viber or even Discord for the follow-ups is just so simple and yet so incredibly useful. Same applies to the automatic handover process from the chatbot to the live agents. This makes Live Chat support so much more scalable and efficient. Those were the moments when I thought, why did not we think about this before? Also, I just love the new conversation builder with the instant preview and the displayed statistics in it. I feel that it got 10 times better and I already liked it before.”


Berci – Chat platform expert 

“My main tasks this time were centered around the newly added Discord integration. As a pilot, we ported first one of our most successful Viber channels, the eSports bot to Discord with some added versatility. Discord is really different from Viber so loads of testing went into the user experience but we wanted our users to have the same snappy feeling. Partnering with Pandascore as a data provider opened some great new opportunities and Discord as a platform for anything that is related to gaming is just simply the best so I really enjoyed working with it. It was sort of a dream coming true, being around eSports all day and check the content as part of my daily duties. Tagging is also really great in the new version.”


Mark – CEO

“Maybe this is a bit of a cheating but my favorite thing about the new is the entire thing. Our goal was to create a more complete offering that holds value for more customers but also makes a self contained, full value marketing automation tool that can fulfill every client communication need that our customers have for running a successful business in a single solution. Nearly all of the chat based tools we saw on the market were focused only on one aspect of the chat and usually only worked as an extension to our clients already existing system. I feel that with the new V3 version we could create a more comprehensive multi platform tool, that combines the best aspects of all the different systems out there and by doing so, creates a more comprehensive and unique tool. With this new release we found a competitive edge that separates us from all the other chat tools and brings to a whole new level.”

Would you like to try out any of the mentioned new features? Are you interested in creating a more complete chat experience for your brand? Get in touch with us so we can get the ball rolling together.