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Use cases – in-venue food order

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We made a call to the users and partners of to share some of the best use cases they have created, to show off the power of messaging marketing and chatbots for anyone who is thinking about implementing their messaging strategy.

Bot technology is not only for direct one on one conversations with a bot, but also to deliver different kind of tasks, handle different triggers from external services and to create powerful, fully automated customer flows and engagement options in the most convenient way to the end user.

“Certain type of online transactions were always a challenge from the side of user experience. Food ordering is one of them as it’s hard to make the process simple, yet compelling and fast at the same time. On the top of that, large venues are always in pressure because typically most of their customers would like to order at the same time. Instead of complicated implementations, we turned this process to the bot, in a similar way as someone would call in, but without using any human resource to accept and forward the order. It turned out to be a good idea from the first day of the test, as users started to order naturally through Messenger, without downloading anything new or learning any new user interface.”

This is how it works:

As more and more brands are testing out messenger as one of their communication platforms, chatbots are getting to the spotlight as one of the primary direct touch points with consumers.

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