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Shopify selects the new app as a highlighted Staff Pick

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Recogniozed Shopify Partners

We are proud to announce that our new Shopify app made it up to the Staff Pick section. Considering that Shopify is the worlds most well known eCommerce platform with close to 1 000 000 shops in more than 175 countries and sales numbers above a 100+ billion under its belt, it is certainly in a league of its own. However, Shopify has put a lot of emphasis on its Partner ecosystem and the App Store in recent years in an attempt to provide an extended but still native experience for its users.

2020 statistics show that there are more than 5000 unique apps in the Shopify App store but thanks to more than 80% of the shops using at least one app and to the fact that an average shop has 6 different apps enabled in tandem, the total number of app installations is close to a whopping 26 million.
It is certainly a difficult task to stand out in such a crowded competition and bring something unique to the table so we are really pleased that our efforts are recognized even by Shopify’s own staff.

What does the new Shopify app do?

Our main goal was to provide a seamlessly integrated native experience for users with an already existing Shopify store. As a start there is a really easy few clicks solution that can connect already existing accounts or create a brand new account for Shopify shops that places a customized chat window onto their selected store pages. However, the real journey starts after the few minutes initial setup as the app enables automated, live and social media chats to run all in tandem and carefully automated.

This provides the perfect surface for all shops to have meticulously created user flows for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing Automation
  • Handling FAQ automatically

and many other ways to build up a really sophisticated customer conversion mechanism.

Why is it unique?

The app has many different building blocks and although some of its parts can be found in some other tools existing on the market, the variety and combination of the features gives such a unique mix that is unparalleled and specifically tailored to online shops wanting to convert more effectively and with a quicker turnaround.

The hybrid conversational engine behind enables Video chat, Live chat and automated (chatbot) conversations to work interoperably 24/7 and the smart handover and routing can react to events in the chat flow, events in external systems or manual changes. This not only creates an immersive experience for the people shopping online but enables the shop owners to maximize the effectiveness of their staff.

We also worked really hard to create an offering that can combine all of these elements in a single place but still have an extremely competitive pricing.

Given the current exposure, what are the future plans?

From the get go our aim was to set up a rock solid integration between the two platforms that we can use as foundation for future ideas. We have many different plans that we want to implement in the near future that can revolutionize the online shopping experience.

There is a proprietary voice enabled shopping method that is a first of its kind. We are currently heavily extending the AI behind the engine that can not only help in better serving the customer base but can also give much more insightful reports and statistics for refining the customer experience. We are also experimenting with a new interactive cart that could potentially change how people use online shopping carts forever so definitely stay tuned.

If you are planning to set up a new customer conversation and conversion method in your online shop, feel free to take advantage of our free consultation option today.