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Refund Chatbot: Can a bot agent handle all my refund requests?

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The answer is: Yes!

To cut straight to the point, yes it sure can. Handling repetitive tasks and answering recurring questions based on a clear company policy are the most perfect tasks for a chatbot but let’s dive in a bit more and see how this actually works.

If you are an airline company, a travel agency, an event organizer, a hotel (..and we could probably go on all day), your business is pretty much put on hold by the COVID-19 virus. These are extremely difficult times as travelling is really restricted, events and gatherings are cancelled and everyone is advised to #stayathome. On the other hand, your customers, all the people who had plans for the next couple of months, anyone who booked basically anything in advance is left hanging right now with many many unanswered questions. Their money is in it, they already paid for it so now they ask “what is next?”. This puts an extreme amount of stress and overload on your customer service right when your business and survival is at a risk anyway.

How your policy handles such Vis Major happenings is under your control but the amount of incoming queries are probably uncontrollable. If I say 10x times as much as on a normal workday, I probably greatly underestimate the trouble, one of our accounts reported a whopping 75x times increase in incoming questions. This is humanly impossible to handle on a day to day basis especially with your staff forced back to their homes as their new offices. The keyword here is “humanly” because there is a technology created just for these sorts of quests, handling repeating questions 0-24h without a break, sleep or even coffee. Chatbots are the perfect way to provide a premium customer service even at the most difficult and demanding times.

Here is why:

  • Easily scalable: it doesn’t matter if it is 20 or 20 thousand messages
  • Works non-stop: no time zones, no shifts, no holidays.. It is always available.
  • Automated but personalized: it doesn’t feel like a one way email notice
  • Multiple fronts: you can have it in your mobile app, on your website, Facebook Messenger.. You name it
  • Pre filters: even if it is not prepared to handle an esoteric requests, it can still prepare and hand over the case to one your Live Agents
  • Evens out the peaks: enables your team to perform optimally even under extreme overload

Building a refund bot

Not really surprising, but chatbots work on chat channels. This can be your usual Facebook page and the connected Messenger chat, or a chat bubble on your website, or WhatsApp, or an integrated chat in your mobile app… etc. Luckily, the same engine can cover multiple platforms so you can save a lot by enabling the same bot on all your chat channels. Bots on can answer any number of questions and guide users through different scripts or flows as we like to call them.

Building these flows is easy, it starts with collecting all of your frequently asked questions and the most common user requests. Once this is set, it is only a matter of connecting the dots and preparing the chatbot or bot agent to apply your best practices when handling the requests. The conversational engine behind uses NLP (natural language processing) and a bit of AI wizardry to look for keyphrases and it picks the matching pre-built flow. It can ask for extra information, a specific user input, it can integrate with other mission critical systems such as CRM software, booking and payment systems and it can also hand over cases to different departments when needed.

The content, the answers and flows can be updated dynamically on’s graphical user interface, there is no coding involved, you can simply drag and drop content elements, update their text and you are ready to go. Moreover, has a built-in handover protocol that enables smooth transition between bot agents and live agents while preserving chat history. 



What can it really do?

Answer incoming questions such as: Can I get back my full deposit? Do you give money back or just allow me to reschedule? What is your COVID-19 policy? When can I re-book? What are the new safety rules? ..etc.

Automatically complete refund flows: ask for order or booking number, identify the user and the purchase, ask for necessary user input and information, offer a decision tree when multiple options are present, access account information in the background, bring the case to a complete solution

Pre filter for your Live Agents: if you have specialised experts dedicated to for example domestic orders, you can use your bot agent to make sure the customer is directed to the right staff. If you have a complex process that has pre-qualification or identifying questions, your bot agent can do the heavy lifting and hand over a perfectly prepared case for your live agent that can be handled lightning quick.

Send out updates: the best advantage of chat over e-mail is the open rate. It can be up to 90% percent better but it is also instant and offers a two-way communication option, your customers can ask back right away. This can be perfect for sending out fresh news and updates to your Facebook, Viber, Newsletter..etc. followers.



Is this GDPR compliant?

This is the number one question we hear when starting to talk about chatbots with our clients. Chat experiences and bot agents built on are fully GDPR compliant. This is such an important topic we worked with multiple independent consultants to check it when setting up different customer implementations. The user data that is stored is easily accessible, can be deleted, the privacy policy is displayed in the chat, there is a one click unsubscribe option and all of these can be permanently accessible in the chat menu. 


If you need help in making your bot GDPR compliant? – get in touch

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