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One bot for one page or one bot for multiple pages?

by Multichat Team Product update, Product update Updates,

This is an interesting question that we have asked many times over the last couple months. The first version of the was working with the idea of one bot for one page. While it was certainly an easier setup, after a while we started to see how it limits the whole marketing effort of brands, companies, agencies and even individuals with multiple pages and marketing channels.

A few weeks ago we have deployed an update to our conversation management system that aimed to change this particular method of creation and operation of the bot. Since then, we have seen many positive effects of this change and we are glad that our users are enjoying the benefits of having one bot for multiple pages and accounts.

Messaging marketing is all about automation and it is true for it’s distribution as well. Brands who operate with several locations as separate pages/accounts, multiple branches, more than one websites (as their own “competitors”) still would like to threat their customers with an equally high level of service, communication and conversations.

This feature is available for everyone. If you are new to, make sure you try it out with signing in or go directly to the Conversation Management System.