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The new V3 is out!

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#1 multiplatform automated & live chat solution


A new, seriously improved and extended version of the system is available from today on the web. The updated version is a result of an entire year of specific product research, thousands of man-hours in development time, all the accumulated experience and user feedback since the launch of our very first bot in 2014 and some magic touch that only the teams’ wholehearted effort could add by truly wanting to create a new and groundbreakingly great tool. 

This combined makes the first multiplatform chat solution bringing together automated and Live chat options on Webchat, Messenger, Viber and Discord as well. 


What are the highlights?


  • A new webchat module that can be used as a traditional pop-up chat bubble in the right bottom corner of your page or in full screen mode allowing you to build effective conversational landing pages for your campaigns.
  • Full customization and branding to perfectly match the chat experience to your brand’s image
  • Live chat for your agents with automatic handover from the bots
  • A brand new Dashboard with detailed statistics about the performance and progress of your subscribers, messages and conversations
  • New platforms added! Discord and webchat are joining to the already available Messenger and Viber channels.
  • Advanced tagging with improved filtering and inverse tagging for better segmentation of your audience.
  • Updated conversation builder with immediately visible performance statistics on every element and instant preview for testing out new flows
  • Updated broadcast engine for scheduled and recurring messaging campaigns
  • New UI for shorter learning curve and improved user experience
  • Enhanced API for more advanced integration options with external systems
  • +bonus: there is a brand new website with fresh content to go along with the new offering


A complete chat solution for…

Marketing teams:

As with all the previous releases, we have put a huge effort into providing added value and new possibilities for marketing teams. now allows building conversational landing pages for campaigns, so instead of having a static landing page, now you can create dynamic pages allowing two way communication with the potential customers, resulting in much better conversion rates of your paid ads. The very same webchat module can also be used in the more traditional chat bubble pop-up format as well for catching website visitors. You can easily switch between the two layouts and both offer full customization. Logos, main color scheme, text colors, avatar icons, welcome messages.. etc. can all be perfectly matched with your brand identity.

Users caught in the webchat can be retargeted through their preferred instant messaging apps, be that Facebook Messenger, Viber or the newly added Discord. The intelligent tagging allows laser sharp segmentation of the audience for promotional messages and newsletter type chat blasts alike. These platforms allow a much more engaging community building for brands so we have greatly enhanced the chat broadcast features in, now allowing the re-use of previous broadcast elements, scheduling and even inverse tagging of your users. To top it up, there is a brand new Dasboard showing instant visual feedback of all the important performance indicators of the chat channels providing the basis for data driven decisions necessary for planning and building successful marketing campaigns.

Support teams:

Possibly one of the biggest additions is the new Live Chat module now creating a hybrid option for handling customer requests. Client conversations can now start with the chatbot automatically replying to incoming requests and if your customer feels the need to talk to a human agent or the conversation reaches a point where an interaction with one of your agents is needed, the system provides an automatic and seamless handover. This enables your company to be available 0-24h on all 365 days of the year and reply instantly to incoming questions but also creates a way to directly talk to clients through multiple instant messaging apps and channels. By being able to listen and talk to customers whenever they feel the need to reach out to you on any of their preferred platforms you can now significantly boost their customer experience.

A freshly designed user interface was created for handling live chat messages so agents can jump in any time, have the full history of the previous messages and a sidebar showing all the necessary information about the customer at hand. In addition to that, the whole system got a UI refresh so if there are any clients waiting for your reply it is immediately visible in all the main menus and there is always a quick reply button leading right to the clients in line. The brand new Dashboard allows you to easily identify peak times and plan with your team’s resources more effectively.

Sales teams:

One of the most solid uses for and chatbots in general was always lead qualification and generation. Potential clients can automatically go through your best qualification questions, you can skip forms and have a much more natural way of identifying customer needs. You can easily make sure that website visitors are always greeted and caught on a friendly way and clients can automatically set up meetings with your sales reps through the chat. You can quickly A/B test pitches, see click through rates of every element of your client conversations and see user numbers, interaction count and finish rates in the refreshed Automation menu. This makes tailoring customer interactions to perfection a breeze. In addition to that, sales reps can jump in anytime they see a chance and take the customer over to live chat. Extended API endpoints provide a full integration interface for your CRM, backend, payment or any other external system you would like to connect.

Although, we firmly believe in the better open rates and more effective communication ways of the chat we also see that there are still workflows where emails are needed and still relevant so we have prepared to send out notifications and forward cases to external departments in an email format. 


Some of the new eCommerce features were already announced prior to the V3 version release but the list would not be complete without mentioning the full Shopify and Magento webshop integration built in. All of the previously mentioned uses and features can also work wonderfully in an eCommerce workflow and can be extended with abandoned cart messages, shipment info or order tracking sent through Facebook Messenger chat.

Are you interested in the new features? Would you like to try them out? Get in touch with us right away as we are running a limited time introductory campaign offering personalised discounts.

For a detailed quick setup guide, please quick here.

… or see for yourself how to create your own automated chat in just 9 minutes: