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How to duplicate your bot quick & easy?

by Multichat Team Chatbots, Chatbots Marketing, Marketing Messaging marketing, Messaging marketing Product update, Product update Technology, Technology Updates,

Making a quick copy of your existing bot was always a popular request from our partners and users. The ability to quickly add existing bots to new Pages, or to test bots that are just slightly different from the original is an important one. Now it’s possible to clone your bot in less than a minute.

To make a copy of your existing bot, go to the Settings / General menu and click on Duplicate:

When you click on this button, the system will create a copy of your existing bot and immediately take you to the new bot. You will have to connect the new bot to another social media account (just like you did with your original bot). As you have multiple bots under a single account, select between them on the top left corner, above the menu. When you are testing multiple bots for the same Page, make sure you disconnect the previous one before connecting the new one.

With quick and easy duplicate you can test multiple bots (for example with different tone or personality) for the same marketing goal. What is the largest number of bots that you are rotating for a single page? Let us know and we might have more interesting features coming to your way!