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How it works – Knowledge 101

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One of the most robust part of the ecosystem is the Knowledge module. This is where most of the magic happens and your bot gets smarter over time.

While it all sounds difficult and complicated, we have designed this part with simplicity in mind. We wanted everyone to understand (and profit from) this feature as we believe in a longterm this is where messaging marketing could be really powerful: automatize messaging tasks based on a growing amount of conversational data, providing better and better options as the brand is moving forward.

The Knowledge modul is based on two main parts:

In the first part, you can set up the circumstances when your bot will learn, collect data and define events about how the bot should act while in the process (this does not mean that your bot will be in a special state or something, the learning happens continously behind the curtains and your bot will operate normally).

In the second part, you can customize your bot, based on the data what you have collected so far. Eventually, you will receive suggestions (and analytics) about the progress and make key decisions in your communication flow. This will now be supported with real conversational data: what your users are saying, asking, liking, discussing and more.

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