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Fradi Viber – sports chat and messaging marketing in football

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It’s alive!

We are very glad to announce that after much preparation, the official Fradi sports chat on Viber has been released today! We have been working on it relentlessly with our long term partner Ferencvárosi Torna Club (Hungary’s most popular football club) and of course with the wonderful team at Viber. always had an attraction for sports clubs, brands and organizations because automated messaging marketing is heavily appealing for these type of love brands with such an enthusiastic follower/fanbase. That is the type of target audience where your content is never enough, as your loyal fans always want more, personalized and exclusive, hands on content from their beloved team. serves that purpose on social messaging channels (Messenger, Viber) and websites, as the preferred platform for a growing number of sports organizations all around the globe.

What can a club do with a Viber channel and a chatbot attached to that?

It can be a diverse communication platform if you have a community and also a private chat. In our case is attached to the private chat so the two way communication is ready to accelerate reach, engagement and ROI numbers.

One way to look at it:

Do you want to reach the majority of your fanbase with personalized messages landing in their private conversation? We believe that this where you can do better in terms of Reach.

It’s not like posting on Facebook or writing a news entry on your site. It’s a lot different to approach fans in a conversational way. You cannot make that happen otherwise, you need for it. It’s very valuable for a sports club to build that kind of bridge because they can offer content in demand via subscription. Fanbase can follow the team and most importantly follow the matches live, in a live score, live ticker approach. As mentioned earlier, content is something that fans ache for and match events are a great example of a highly immersive chat experience. Fans get to know everything that is happening and even more, if they want to dive deeper, well in that case they can ask. “Oh the player, who just scored, can I read his bio”? Great opportunity to serve information and also prepare to engage. Kind of like watching a match with the ultimate fan, who you can turn to, if there’s a question.

Do you want to continue and go with the usual marketing platforms and practices or you want to try something new, outside of the box approach to have better numbers in the Engagement department?

If there is a channel built on two way communication it is much easier to engage with the audience. Its all about the right questions. The right broadcast message at the right time can bring the best out of the people. Let’s say they want to know when the match will start, or if there is any change, maybe there’s a delay in kickoff that people want to know about. It’s not that effective to read it in the news rather get a message from the biggest fan, who knows everything about the team and is always up to date. That is trust! Target audience can engage with a channel where they can find trust.

How can you turn this into a better ROI?

All companies focus on increasing revenue, trying to come up with new ideas, features, special offers and such. Since the fanbase is already interested in what their beloved team has to offer its only about the channel, where to reach and engage with them. A conversational based chat environment can be the next step in serving the right material at the right time to right people. Everybody wins and gets what they want. Lets say its a special offer for the winning  goal scorer player’s jersey. Of course the fans want to show up in a jersey and would like to pay less for it if its possible. Well the offers and their target can meet in a private chat channel pretty well.

At we know that fans are the most important part in a sports club’s life, they come first. In our mission of serving the fans on the highest possible level we try to find the mutual benefit that can favour the fans and also is doing good for the team, because they cannot exist without each other. That is our mission, to get them closer.

If you are interested in our solutions, please feel free to get in touch with us!