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New name, new goals

The evolution of our beloved has reached the most significant milestone of its story yet. Alongside the greatly extended functionality and newly added channels there is a new brand name to better reflect the complete offering of the solution: MULTICHANNEL, MULTIPURPOSE, MULTIPLATFORM communication for brands and businesses.

The feature set now includes:

  • Live Chat and Automated Chat
  • Social messaging platform support: Messenger, Viber, Discord, Whatsapp, etc. 
  • Webchat for websites and webshops 
  • Fully customizable conversational landing pages
  • New notification options (SMS, push.. etc.)
  • Extended e-mail support
  • Data collection and user profiling (fully GDPR and CCPA compliant)
  • E-commerce integration
  • Custom integration options (CRM, Marketing Autmation.. etc.)
  • Video Chat (NEW!!! still in beta)

A complete playbook 

Your website visitors are great marketing leads, support questions coming in on your Messenger are brilliant upsell opportunities, cart and shipping updates are essential triggers for notifications just to name a few of the thousands of finely orchestrated pieces that create a perfect communication flow. is there to create a conversational experience that guarantees the most efficient path to close a sales lead, convert a marketing campaign or handle a support request. 

Conversations are being built on multiple channels now, your sales, marketing and support should all be ready to this new and exciting era of communication.

That is why we added all of these features and in the process decided to rename it to, which better reflects all the possible options in this solution.