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Facebook Messenger as an Ad destination

by Multichat Team Messaging marketing,

A couple weeks ago Facebook launched a new type of advertisement option: Messenger as an Ad destination. They could be an important aspect for any messenger marketing campaign and activation. Let’s see how.

The concept is simple: now it’s possible to create an ad type that takes the users directly to the brand’s Facebook Messenger page, where they can start a conversation or message immediately. As there is great potential in this type of ads, there are also pitfalls.

The first and most obvious, what happens when noone answers immediately. Most of these ads are triggering customers that require immediate attention or the money spent on the campaign will be wasted. Conversations are a great way to provide a different, more personalised on-boarding experience, for example, but it should be automated to a level where it’s smooth and hassle free, both for the user and for the staff (as most of the time they would have to discuss the same things over and over).

Messenger ads are also an excellent way to explore new customer needs as in a conversation it’s possible to find out information that otherwise would remain unseen, so the end result could contain a lot more useful data besides the standard ad metrics.

To set up Messenger targeted ads, go to the Ads Manager and select messages as your marketing and campaign objective.

The process is fairly straight forward, just like with any other ad types. Once your ads are set, make sure you have a way to handle the messages and conversations your visitors will generate. HINT: if you want to make your bot to answer immediately for users who arrive from an ad, then make sure you fill in the bot payload field on the ad detail screen. If you are a user, then the default entry for this field is ‘get_started’.

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