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Conversational Experiences for Event Organizers

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A complete guide to building chat flows that engage

So, you are working on a small gathering for the little community interested in lets say mechanical keyboards or you are the organizer of a formal conference for example for freelance translators in your area or you are in the organizing team of the largest music festival in Europe. No matter how large or small or what type of event you are working on is, your wish list will probably have some really similar items on it. Provide the highest visibility for your sponsors, automate ticket sales, provide something cool and unique that makes the event stand out, maximize attendee experience and satisfaction, reach as many people as you can, make your customer support the best in the business and I could probably go on. If any of this made you say “yeah”, you have come to the right place.


The team behind has more than 10 years of experience in custom development projects, ranging from complex attendee management backend system integrations to small and fun iOS mobile apps. Every single year we had at least 2-3 software projects for various event organizers and we saw some really strong trends which in fact had a large part in us coming up with the concept of

  • No one wants to download yet another event app to their mobile anymore
  • The high cost of developing a new app or using some of the pre-built solutions for a few days event will never return
  • Event attendees don’t want to look for or wait for answers, they want to be able to ask right away and get an instant response
  • New communication channels are needed for promotion
  • Automated processes and solutions needed everywhere where manual work is not an absolute must

The good news is, conversational experiences built on Facebook, Viber, Discord..etc. or a dedicated web chat can solve all of the above, already available on everyone’s phones and only cost a fraction of the price of the traditional event apps.

Conversational Use Cases for Events

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