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Chatbot use case – Askato Live Entertainment

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Businesses large and small are experimenting with messaging marketing and chatbots all over the world. It’s always interesting to read how some of them takes a creative approach with conversation automation, their messaging campaigns and results. This time we are happy to share how Askato Live Entertainment Services made a use case with – and a bet on their marketing efforts.

“For a while we have been witnessing a major change in the user behaviour, mostly in the devices and softwares our target audience is using. Desktop computers have been replaced by mobile devices, and browsers with all sort of applications. Just at the time when we almost gave up on reconnecting with this audience, we met with the idea of the messaging marketing.

It was love for the first sight – and it also made lots of sense!  Messaging apps are simply the most popular softwares out there, serving as platforms for the largest online communities. And the way how people are using them is very similar to how we started using the browsers many years ago. There are no ads and no distracting functions in the messaging apps, just the pure functions the users are looking for.

We felt like conquering a new territory – what came with as much benefits than responsibility. And we were pleasantly surprised how much the features were helping us in smoothly integrate our solutions and profit at the same time. It is an extra advantage that the nature of the messaging marketing perfectly fits to the live entertainment services we operate, and together creates a perfect flow for the users. However we are still at the beginning of all of this, and there is a lot to learn, we can certainly say that this is the beginning of an exciting adventure!”

Do you have an inspiring use case too? Please share with us and the community!