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Announcement: v2 is coming!

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The world of messaging marketing is changing fast. All the chatbots, messaging bots, AI assistants and chat based transactions are used by more and more people and the major messaging platforms are deploying new features and possibilities on a regular basis.

When we started to develop the project, everything was just at the beginning, features were just being released and brands just started to experiment with these solutions in a small scale. Some of the currently available features and options on Facebook Messenger and Viber were simply not available or did not exist. This is not the case anymore. Features are being shipped frequently, brands are spending more and more of their marketing efforts with messaging and chat based softwares and customers are getting used to the fact that the most efficient communication with a webshop or a sports team is through chat.

We felt that this would be a good time to re-structure all the features we have and create an updated user experience based on all the feedback and experience we got from our partners and customers.
As the result, we would like to announce the next version of v2!

The new version will have the following important major features and changes (in no priority order):

  • Automation

We merged the current Flow and Knowledge modules, creating a new module that is focused on automated conversation elements, keywords and triggers, with heavy NLP support.

  • Engagement

In this module, we are going to introduce new features among existing ones that focus on customer and fan engagement: autopilot for personalised messages, e-commerce for webshop based messaging activities, such as abandoned cart and order management, and gamification for simple games that can be played through the chat.

  • Broadcasting

In this module we have actually separated the message broadcasting option for Facebook Messenger and Viber, due to the increasingly big difference between these platforms (and to better support platforms that we are going to add in the future).

  • Live Chat

One of the features of the current version that we did not change as it was operating perfectly well.

  • Setup

The new user interface will help with easier and quicker setup of new and existing accounts and bots.

  • Dashboard and Analytics

More meaningful data visualisation and better graphs, most of our partners were asking for this improvement. It will be simply easier to measure of the performance of your bot, campaign or module.

  • … and many more small changes

Besides the major changes, there are many more small, cosmetic or quality of life changes.

Screenshots of v2

When will this go live and ready to use? We plan to have it available for everyone at the beginning of April. If you can’t wait until then and looking for an early access, then please contact us and we will be happy to let you try it. As always, users and testers who provide valuable feedback will receive free periods of the product as a gift of our appreciation.